Hello and thank you for your interest in Hatch Media - Web Design Manchester / Bolton.

Our Design Studio specialise in developing web sites and designs that actually work for their clients, Hatch Media take great pride in delivering high levels of client satisfaction with the tailored solutions they offer from a wide variety of services.

"I confess, i've always been a bit of a perfectionist but a personable one. When I founded Hatch Media these were 2 qualities that I wanted to channel through the company and hopefully you will see it shows in our designs and customer service."
Sam Hickson - Creative Director - Hatch Media

Hatch Media of Bolton, Manchester is known as a quality Web/Graphic Design business that gets results.

"Ok, so you've found our web site and are interested in Hatch Media's services..? If you're looking to invest in a web site please read on."

"How would a web site benefit me...?"

To assist you in deciding this, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Am i trying to reach a wider audience?
  • Will the benefits justify me having a web site developed?
  • What would i like the web site to do?

Reasons for the above may be that you wish to sell products via the internet; entice prospective clients by allowing them to view your business online; inform visitors of your products and services; reduce workload of personnel by providing information or electronic forms and many more.

It is advisable to do some market research to decide if your customers have access to the internet.

If we have helped you in your decision to invest in a web site for you or your business then you now have 2 options:

  • DIY - Build your own web site
  • Appoint a Web Design business to design and implement it for you

Many companies now offer free web tools that allow you to develop your own web site, by the use of templates.

"Great, at last a cost effective way of developing a web site..."

However, in most situations this will be a mistake because there is alot more to developing a web site than just placing some text and images onto the internet. An experienced web designer can offer a bank of knowledge and skills, along with saving you time and developing a professional result that will showcase your products and services. With more and more business' owning a web site the world of competition within each industry is growing on a daily basis therefore the DIY option is often a very poor investment.

Hatch Media can make your web site work and give you full advantages of the benefits it has to offer you...!

  • You want your site to be 'Search Engine Friendly' so your site has great exposure. (i.e. Google, Yahoo etc)
  • You want an accessible site that meets all government guidelines.
  • You want a site that is eye catching and understands the psychology of layout
  • You need your site to load quickly to keep your visitors attention

To have a web site that works Call Hatch Media - Web Design Manchester / Bolton on

0845 272 2353

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