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Airsafe UK

Hatch Media - SEO Manchester Web Design developed a new Branding strategy and a new website to market the business of Airsafe UK further and create a image that represented their company for the quality of service they provide.

A few months after completion of the relationship that had been built between Hatch Media and Airsafe UK lead to the decision that Hatch Media were to manage the rest of the companies future marketing projects and campaigns. was getting much interest from prospective clients but it was indicated by our analytics (web site statistics providing information on visitors, hits, keywords and many more) that the majority of visits where from direct referrals, meaning that people were either typing in the address or searching in google for the company name. This indicated that most visits came from word of mouth or other media that displayed the company and its web address.

Hatch Media then proposed to implement a search engine optimisation and marketing strategy for Airsafe UK's web site to gain greater exposure online.

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On Airsafe UK's approval we set about optimising the whole web site and link building to gain the best possible positions within the search engines. Below we use Google results to display some position results that have been achieved for Airsafe UK so far and this is still ongoing on a monthly basis. Please check back for up to date results

Position #1 - Asbestos abatement
Position #1 - Asbestos abatement contractors uk
Position #1 - Asbestos abatement contractors manchester
Position #1 - Asbestos management manchester
Position #1 - Asbestos removal contractors manchester
Position #1 - Asbestos surveys manchester
Position #1 - Asbestos encapsulation manchester
Position #1 - Asbestos surveys contractors
Position #1 - Asbestos surveys contractor uk
Position #1 - Asbestos management contractors
Position #2 - Asbestos management contractors uk
Position #2 - Asbestos disposal manchester
Position #2 - Asbestos surveys contractor
Position #2 - Asbestos removal manchester
Position #4 - Asbestos removal contractor uk
Position #4 - Asbestos disposal contractor uk
Position #7 - Asbestos removal contractor
Position #10 - Asbestos surveys uk

These results are improving each week and more and more keywords are being added to the equation. SInce Airsafe UK has ranked highly for the chosen keywords, the hits to the site have increased dramatically and enquiries and sales multiplied dramatically, so much so that Airsafe UK have had to increase their staff to have any chance of tackling the work they have ahead.

SEO is an investment and to some businesses a risk if their marketing budget is limited. But the ROI (return on investment) in the majority of cases outweighs the investment ten fold, and in most cases is the making of any companies success.

"Ask anybody where they would look to find a business and i can assure you the majority would say the internet"
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